Tara Gerber

Leading the Future Stylists into the Next Era of Hair

Tara has spent years honing her skills and techniques to make her way up the industry ladder to be able to share her knowledge by educating other stylists as a Platform Artist. Taking the stage at large hair shows as well as teaching Cosmetology classes to aspiring student stylists. 

But her real passion is being behind the chair and working with her amazing clients. "I still have no doubt that I chose the right career path, " Tara says. "At the age of 13, I wanted to be a hairstylist and make people look and feel their very best."

Her love for this industry lies in the fact that every day is a new experience, and she believes that every head of hair is a new adventure. She truly loves what she does and it reflects in her work.

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Latest Styles

The absolute best!! I can literally walk in and say, do what you're feeling and it comes out better than I could have come up with myself. My girls and I love our time with Tara!

Amelia Happoldt

I am always so happy with my hair! Tara has years of experience and is more than just a great stylist! You'll likely make a friend AND walk out with beautiful hair!

Melissa Bremkamp